Its Your World cast of November 2004 Headshot! Look at those pearly whites. Brad doing stand up at the Comedy Store.  Brad on the Oprah Winfry Show. Want one of thest post cards?  I'm long on'em. My dear friend and former employer Harold Moschin of Harold's True Value Hardware in Evanston, IL who taught me the importance of humanity and the value of good service. Brad Sanders in Full Color! The Two Sides of Brad Sanders. Darlene Conley (Sally Spectra of Bold and The Beautiful) and Brad Sanders. Carol Burnett and Brad Sanders. Carroll O'Connor and Brad Sanders. From Left to Right: Susan Banks (Head of Daytime Promotion), Lucy Johnson, Brad Sanders, Darlene Conley (Sally Spectra of Bold and The Beautiful). Brad Sanders and his comedy Partner Daryl Bohanan (of Bohanan and Sanders) with Duke Ellington(in the middle). Two Greats Commiserate.  Brad Sanders and Michael Jordan. From Left to right:  John Candy, Lynette McKee, Brad Sanders, Richard Pryor. Brad Sanders and Smokey Robinson.  Its Sweater Night at the ManHole. Bradster's Millions... Okay Okay, Its Brewster's Millions with Richard Pryor.  Interesting bit of Trivia...  Brad's suit in this photos is the VERY SUIT that Eddie Murphy wore in 48 Hours. Joan's Wife-In Law, Vanessa Williams. Cla'ence in his Lair. Cast and Writers of Its Your World.  From Left to Right.  Brad Sanders (writer/actor/co-creator/Ed Regal), Marvin Wright-Bey (actor/Dr. Hackett), Mary Flowers Boyce (writer), Maurice Davis (actor/Various Roles including RedBone), Myra J (writer/co-creator/actor) Trying to be suave and is Killing it! Brad Sanders at the Celebration of 5000 Episodes of The Young and The Restless.